About pingoApps

We make your organization visible and help it to grow.

We create professional and affordable apps.

PingoApps has its origins in the Dutch North-East Friesland area, where the landscape is characterized by the presence of pingo ruins. These are the lasting memories on locations where pingo’s existed. Pingos are spherical hills that originated in an area with permafrost. A layer of frozen soil is lifted by the expansion of frozen ground water underneath. The word pingo comes from the Inuktitut and means “a small hill that is growing.” At the end of an ice age, a pingo leaves behind a circular crater lake or what we call a pingo ruin.

Our cubes is what expands your app. They are the elements that help your customer, make your organization grow and leave a footprint.

pingoruine – photo: Freko Kok

We relieve you to invent, create, edit and manage your app (s) for iPhone and Android smartphones:

Ronny “I create your app”
Heleen “I make your app even more beautiful”
Rik “I help you to grow even more”